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International Week

April 22 - 26, 2024

Polytech Angers
International Week April 22-26, 2024
Angers, France

Exploring diversity : global understanding and cooperation Being able to communicate and work with people from diverse communities, knowing how to navigate the space between different cultures while maintaining an attitude of openness and respect are essential qualities in this era of globalization. In response to these growing needs, the Council of Europe has declared that strengthening intercultural skills is one of the major roles of higher education establishments, and engineering courses are particularly concerned. Contributing to raising awareness among our students, and considering these issues through exchanges with colleagues from a variety of backgrounds - these are the key objectives of our international week. This international week will also provide an opportunity to discover Polytech Angers, the engineering school of the University of Angers, as well as the rich historical and cultural heritage of the city of Angers and its region. During our International Week, we will focus on these questions and their implications in engineering education. With our students in mind, our activities include formal and informal discussions, sharing of teaching practices, guest teacher presentations, and student projects.

The working language is English, with participant communications in Spanish, German, French.

SUITABLE FOR ERASMUS TEACHING MOBILITIES: pre-register to receive an Erasmus+ Mobility Official Invitation

Preregistration / Information :   intweek.polytech @

Academic staff from the following study areas are invited to apply: Automation and Computer Engineering / Quality, Innovation & Reliability Engineering / Biology and Health Systems Engineering / Civil Engineering, Buildings & Safety / Languages and Communication Arts: English, German and Spanish 

Practical Information

All events are free of charge. Participants are expected to cover their costs for travel, accommodation and meals not mentioned in the programme. Please note that you may be eligible for funding under the Erasmus+ Mobility programme. Participation in International week events covers the 8 academic hours required by Erasmus+ teaching agreements.  A participation certificate will be available for all participants.  


Your participation

Please prepare to teach one 80-minute lesson TWICE on the topic of your choice.  Please keep in mind these items:

  • Objectives: Share your knowledge / skills with undergraduate Engineering students
  • Target public: Second-year students enrolled in our two-year bachelor’s level preparatory course. Students are from both Health Engineering or Industrial Engineering study tracks.  
  • Group size:  between 20 and 24 students.
  • Classrooms:   All classrooms are equipped with video-projector, speakers, wifi and chalkboard or whiteboard.   Laptops are available upon request.
  • Handouts: Please send any requests for photocopies at least 1 week in advance
  • Please give a one paragraph description of your teaching session in the registration form.



The following hotels are local favorites and centrally located.  For prices and availability, please contact the hotel directly.

Additional information is available at the Angers Tourist Office website


Getting Around

Angers is a small town and easy to navigate by public transport or on foot.

The international week will be held at two locations (All directions are from the town center).

  • Polytech Angers Health Campus Building : 16 bd. Daviers  (20 minutes from the town center by tram)

By tram :  Tram Line A Direction Avrillé-Ardennes,  Get off at Saint Serge or CHU stations  and walk up the boulevard Daviers to the building.  

  • Polytech Angers Belle Beille Campus Building : 62 avenue Notre Dame Du Lac (30 minutes from the center of town to the Belle Beille Campus.)  

By tram :  Tram Line B and C Direction Belle-Beille Campus Get off at Beaussier

By bus : Line 2 and 6 Direction Beaucouzé or Bouchemaine, Get off at the Notre Dame du Lac or the Polyech Angers stop.   

Emergency Numbers

Dial 112 for Emergency Services (fire, police, ambulance).