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Student Testimonials

Polytech Angers receive foreign students at any time. Discover some of their testimonials.

Thasshwin Mathanlal, India

"It gives me a great pleasure to be back in Polytech Angers to work as an Intern this summer with Inmoov Robot under Prof. P. Richard. There goes a saying “Life is a circle”. It is true, as I am now in Polytech Angers because I was in Polytech Angers three years back. The last time I was in Polytech Angers, I was a part of a project team working on Solar Decathlon Europe 2014under Prof. Cottenceau and Prof. Lagrange. Polytech Angers introduced Arduino into my life for the first time and then on, Arduino became the seed of my growth. I got the best Project Award in Metrology from Anna University for my Bachelor Project with Arduinoas the main microcontroller. I had modeled many devices such as an Automatic Laptop Charge Power Saver, Home Security mod-ule and an Animatronic Arm controlled byhuman hand movement during my Bachelors."


Tobias Kleine Vennekate, Germany

"I arrived in Angers on the 04.03.2019. In my project, I was working with different SLAM algorithms. SLAM stands for simultaneous localization and mapping. It is a process where a mobile robot tries to collect information on its surroundings and build a map of his environment while he is exploring it. SLAM is a key step for autonomous robot navigation. I was setting up different SLAM algorithms on a ROS (robot operating system) based environment. ROS is an open-source middleware that manages the communication of different robot components. After the system and algorithms were set up and worked, a practical experiment was done. In the experiment I collected data to build maps from. The data was collected by saving the sensor data of a mobile robot, while the robot was driving trough a test environment. The received test data was then used to build maps from the different SLAM algorithms. On the basis of these maps, the different algorithms were evaluated and compared."


Trishank Chaddha, India

"During these several months at Polytech Angers, I have improved my communication skills, time management and it has provided me an opportunity to know myself better. In this period, I had many chance to talk with people of different intellectual background and culture. Through the communication with them, I found that it’s interesting to know their different point of view of the same issue, and sometimes their idea can inspire me with the idea on another issue too. In addition to that, I become more active and confident on dealing with people who are of differenttype of me."

Fabian Böttcher, Germany

"Before I went to Angers, I had been studying mechanical engineering at the Hochschule Osnabrück in Lower Saxony, Germany. For the last semester of my bachelor studies, I wanted to write my bachelor thesis in France. Luckily I had the chance via my French course teacher at my home university to get connections to Angers. Ever since, I was curious about the landscape, people and culture in France, so I decided to go there to live and work with people from France and abroad. In my project, I was working on the construction and analysis of a humanoid robot leg prototype. The polytech faculty of the university of Angers was working on the development of a human sized robot and I was working on the development of locomotive system."