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Polytech Angers

Graduate School of Engineering of the University of Angers

Polytech Angers trains engineering students to meet companies’ expectations. Thanks to a strong partnership between the school and companies, students enjoy a thorough knowledge of the working field at each stage of the 5-year programme. A 2-year preparatory programme gives students a scientific, technical and personal background which is fundamental for enrolling in one of the four Master of Engineering degrees:


Highly-specialized scientific skills and industrial professional know-how are taught in close partnership with the industrial environment.

  •  Teamwork, projects and internships are very important in the curriculum: 13-month internship over 3 years
  •  100% of the students carry out an internship abroad (20 weeks) and are encouraged to study a semester abroad
  •  A number of professional speakers share their experience of the industrial world


Internationalization is an important part of Polytech Angers. International programs, worldwide cooperation in teaching and research, as well as student, scientist and staff exchanges all contribute to enriching life at the school and reaching our ambition to be an international and multicultural higher education institution.

Polytech Angers cooperates with around 70 partner universities on all five continents. Each year

  •  40 to 50 visiting students complete a semester or an internship in one of our laboratories
  •   Around 150 Polytech Angers students complete a mobility period abroad
  •   15 to 20 foreign lecturers and researchers are invited to Polytech Angers
  •   20 to 30 Polytech Angers staff carry out a mobility period abroad

In addition to student and staff exchanges, our collaborations include joint research projects, scientific publications and participation in conferences.

The International Office at Polytech Angers is available to assist all international students and visiting professors with any needs or questions they may have.

Polytech Angers, a member of a network of 15 public engineering schools