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Quality, innovation and reliability engineering

The Quality, Innovation and Reliability Engineer participates and manages the actions for improving and guaranteeing the overall company performance regarding the products or services, the industrial processes and the organization. The programme aims to train experts in methods for the design of innovative products within a global product life cycle and customer-oriented purpose.

More specifically, the QIF engineer will be able to:

  • Implement and lead a quality strategy
  • Build technical expertise to guarantee and improvereliability of industrial systems
  • Create and develop innovative products and processes
  • Offer innovative, technical and organisational solu-tions to industrial issues

Therefore, the Engineer acquires a global vision of his/her company that will make him/her a real player in the competitiveness and risk management issues.

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3 Specialisation Programmes

  •  Quality Engineering: Manage complex projects - Identify and implement quality tools for monitoring and improving products and processes
  •  Innovation: Design innovative products - Manage company knowledge to innovate - Ensure a watch to anticipate future markets
  •  System Reliability Engineering: Model and design safe operating systems - Assess and validate reliability of computer, electronic and mechanical systems and lay out operational maintenance procedures

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Creativity Application Development on Surfaces SUR40

To begin this project, I was tasked with designing, creating, and testing a prototype application for Samsung SUR40 device. The SUR40 device is a multi-touch table surface, with space around the table for multiple individuals and can sense over 50 distinct touches. I designed a creativity-building application that would promote open thinking and brainstorming for its multiple users, and researched the most effective design to promote creativity. Development of the application was unsuccessful, however, due to problems with the SUR40’s Operating System.

Image projet

After completing your degree


 Fields of activity



  •  Operational Security Engineer
  •  Process Methods Engineer
  •  Quality Assurance Engineer
  •  Software Quality Engineer
  •  Project Quality Engineer
  •  Lean Manager
  •  Organisational Optimisation Project Manager
  •  Reliability Engineer


  •  Conception/R&D/Innovation Engineer
  •  Innovation Funding Consultant
  •  Design Engineer
  •  Engineering Project Manager
  •  IT Engineer
  •  Innovative Entrepreneur

All fileds of activity

  •  Engineering and consulting
  •  Transportation
  •  Bank and insurances
  •  IT - Energy power industry (Oil & Gas,nuclear, etc.)
  •  Automotive industry
  •  Telecommunications
  •  Chemical processindustry, etc.