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Building Energy Maintenance and Safety

Our Building Energy-Maintenance and Safety (BEMS) Engineers provide the internal environmental conditions that enable business processes, all along the building life cycle, to function at an optimum level while providing comfort, health, welfare and safety conditions for occupants. They understand how the engineering, operating and maintaining services influence the performances of buildings, such as energy efficiency.

The BEMS designers key objective is the trouble-free use of the engineering services of any property operatorboth in terms of economic, reliable performance and ensuring that legislation is complied with. They use risk assessment methods allowing to anticipate and mitigate the impact of business, design, operation and disposal risks.

The BEMS engineers have the ability to produce a maintenance contract. They carry out commissioning and testing to ensure that the design intent is achieved in practice. They also determine how to control the building services, the performance of any engineering installation. They are able to implement the maintenance strategy. They have the ability to perform condition surveys and maintenance audits activities.

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2 Specialisation Programmes 

  •  Real Estate Enhancement and Sustainability: Improvement and Performance – Building Assistance - Sustainable Social Housing – Property Management – Contract and legal Framework – Real Estate Information System – Assets and Cost Management – Maintenance Project
  •  Operational Risk Management: Security Technical Elements – Fire Safety Engineering – Fire Origin Investigation – Safety of Manufacturing Processes – Improved Safety in Building Operation – Human Reliability – Safety Regulations – Safety-related Documents – Implementation of a Culture of Safety – Safety Project

Our graduates can work as head of fire safety; the school is authorised to issue SSIAP 3 certification (Security Services for Emergencies and Personal Assistance, level 3) required for high-rise buildings. They are able to manage risks, organiseprevention, supervise safety department organisation and design crisis management processes.

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Solar decathlon

University of Angers and Appalachian State University, North Carolina, USA joined forces to constitute Team Réciprocité, one out of 20 teams involved in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014. For this international competition open to universities and institutions of higher education, each team had to imagine and create a solar powered house. Challenge accepted. The University of Angers is partnering with Appalachian State University. The collaboration, dubbed Team Réciprocité, will present their energy plus house design, Maison Reciprocity, in Versailles from June through July 2014. The University of Angers is known for its expertise in the global/life cycle costs of buildings, construction safety, landscape design, whole building automation, sustainability, aging in place, indoor air quality, exhibition planning and docent training, and 3-D virtual reality models and tours.

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After completing your degree


 Fields of activity

Building Services and Safety Engineering

  •  Director of Technical and Security Services
  •  Head of Technical Project Management and Supervision
  •  Building Site supervisor
  •  Project Manager
  •  Building Manager
  •  Infrastructure Operations Supervisor
  •  Facility Management Engineer
  •  Consulting Engineer in Facility Operation
  •  QSE engineer
  •  Head of Operations
  •  Fire Safety Manager
  •  Project Manager
  •  Head of Risk Management and Prevention Department
  •  HSE expert
  •  Work Safety Project Manager

 Facilities et Property management

  •  Multitechnical Services
  •  Property management
  •  Building site supervision and organisation
  •  Consultancy
  •  Business center management
  •  Commercial real estate management: shopping malls, conference center, exhibitions
  •  Management of catering patrimonial assets
  •  Banking
  •  Construction inspection
  •  Hospital Security Department
  •  Risk management and prevention consulting
  •  Large industrial and commercial group building management
  •  Regional Authorities