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Student Podcasts : Polytech Angers from the Inside

What is it like to be a student at Polytech Angers ? As part of the preparation for the Polytech Angers International Week, our fourth year students wrote, recorded and produced a series of short podcasts answering that question. Topics included travel and study abroad , life-changing classes, student life and even students' view of social issues. We hope you'll enjoy this insider glimpse of student concerns.

The Benefits of Travel Abroad

Having the opportunity to travel as a student is a unique and rewarding experience of life. Let's listen to Antoine, our famous podcaster from Polytech Angers, and his guests, two students of his school that will try to answer to this week's question : What are the benefits of travelling abroad as a student ? If you are planning to go abroad and you have some apprehension or if you just want to distract yourself on this subject, then this podcast is for you.

Anushik Grigoryan, Hugo Brouillet, Antoine Louis

Students versus Social Issues

You are a student dealing with everyday life issues or you just want to know how a student feels about precariousness, high expectations from schools or simply difficulties in finding motivation to get up in the morning. The podcast "Student VS Social issues" is here to keep you informed about current problems facing your generation and discuss solutions that can improve our lives in society.

Maxime Petitjean, Emma Byrotheau, Kamel Ghernaout, Louis Duret

Life Changing Classes

Some engineering schools have decided to expand their very technical curriculum with special classes such as theatre, sports, interpersonal communication, psychology, … Indeed, even though those might seem relatively outside the scope of an engineer, these classes contribute to making self-confident students and future professionals who trust their abilities and skills. As well as impacting their career, those classes definitely influence their vision of the world and the way they interact with others in their personal lives. After Polytech Angers included non-technical classes in its curriculum, the students, themselves noticed a change in their perception of the world surrounding them.

Océane Aubert, Kévin Delmotte, Morgane Gautron

Students, enjoy your life in Angers !

Are you a future student in Angers ? Listen to this podcast and get practical tips about the city ! How to find your flat, transports, activities.... Where to eat and where to go for good cheer ... These tips will save your time so that you can fully enjoy your student life in Angers. Get ready to live in one of the best cities in France !