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Nanomedicines project

In the frame of the MISTI program (MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives), the research laboratory MINT welcomed Miss Kristen Frombach, an american student in 1st year of the MIT engineering School of Boston (Massachusetts) in Bioengineering specialization, as an intern during the summer of 2016. Kristen contributed to a research project in the field of the development of future nanomedicines for the encapsulation and vectorization of thermosensitive active ingredients (anti-cancer drugs, peptides and antimicrobial agents). She was involved in the development of a new formulation process for Lipidic Nanocapsules. These results led to a scientific publication in the International Journal of Pharmaceutics in 2017, in which she is co-author.

Following her internship, Kristen received the MISTI Program Excellence Award, which is a major recognition for MIT student engineers.